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Covid 19

COVID 19 provisions – Methods of access to museums and security protocol

We inform you that the DPCM of 3 November 2020, containing new measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, provides – in art. 1, paragraph 9, lett. r – that “the exhibitions and public opening services of museums and other cultural institutes and places referred to in Article 101 of the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, pursuant to Legislative Decree 22 January 2004, no. . 42 “.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned DPCM, the PARC Museum, the Civic Museum of the Cavallino della Giara and all the cultural sites of the Municipality of Genoni will be closed to the public from 6 November 2020 until 3 December 2020.

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Paleontological, Archaeological Museum and Didactic Workshop

Museum specialised in itineraries for schools and families


PARC Museum was crated with a well-defined goal: to be a workshop museum!

For this reason, more than half of the museum is dedicated to educational activities, with tables, seats, but above all scientific instruments to simulate the work of the paleontologist and archaeologist available to visitors.

The visit and all the activities always pay attention for families and children, but a spectacular collection of fossils makes the museum attractive also for specialists. The archaeological section faces, and shows, a unique archaeological site: the deepest nuragic well in Sardinia, over 40m.

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Since 2009 active in the conservation and protection of Genoni’s cultural heritage paying attention for schools and families.

  • Educational workshops – for every order and grade school

  • Summer camps – Paleontology and archeology

  • Family Activities – Full day formula

  • One day itineraries – Guided visits to all the museums and to the Giara Park

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The paleontological section illustrates the general notions of paleontology and geology, necessary for the knowledge of the history of the earth. This section displays the collection of local fossils. All the pieces are restored and classified by the Department of Earth Sciences of Cagliari and by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Sassari and Nuoro.

The paleontological path begins in front of two blocks of sandstone rich in sea urchins: Clypeaster with a typical bell-shaped discoid shape, Scutelle and Parascutelle, always sea urchins, but with a flattened discoidal shape, and bivalve shells.
The introduction to the exhibition of fossils is told by an explanatory panel on the mechanisms of fossilization accompanied by examples illustrated in the adjacent showcase.
Continuing we arrive at the gigantography that portrays the Geosite of Duidduru, flanked by a diorama on the life of the organisms that today we find in the fossil state. The showcases are sorted by families and a small lithology section illustrates the most common rocks that we can find in nature.

In the archaeological section the Nuragic, Punic and Roman discoveries of the area are told. You can admire a model of the top of the hill of Santu Antine with the reconstruction of the Roman church, the Punic fortifications, the nuraghe and the deepest Nuragic well of Sardinia. This wing of the museum is completed by a 1: 1 diorama of the bottom of the well and reproductions of the finds found inside.

FURTHERMORE, in the archaeological section of the museum it is possible to see the interior of the nuragic well of Santu Antine thanks to video and it is also possible to simulate the flight over the Jars thanks to the latest generation of viewers.

School trips and educational workshops are an integral part of the PARC museum life. The laboratory is the largest section of the museum where children independently or accompanied by teachers or families can use the instrumentation and simulate the work of the paleontologist… MORE INFO

Mission and objectives of the PARC Museum
The commitment
The commitment of the P.AR.C. is expressed in the investment of resources and energies for the search for opportunities and languages ​​aimed at a dialogue with the socialities of its territory, presenting the scientific evidence of the territory, both archaeological and paleontological. In this sense, the Museum identifies museum teaching as a resource and a medium, seen as a dynamic system of communication and learning … MORE INFOTo better enjoy the experience and the discovery of the territory, we invite you to spend at least one day on site at local farmhouses or accommodation facilities. MORE INFO

Museum opening hours


  • Mercoledì: dalle 15.30 alle 19.00
  • Giovedì: dalle 15.30 alle 19.00
  • Venerdì: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 15.30 alle 19.00
  • Sabato: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 15.30 alle 19.00
  • Domenica: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 15.30 alle 19.00


  • Mercoledì: dalle 16.00 alle 20.00
  • Giovedì: dalle 16.00 alle 20.00
  • Venerdì: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 16.00 alle 20.00
  • Sabato: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 16.00 alle 20.00
  • Domenica: dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 – dalle 16.00 alle 20.00

Lunedì e martedì apertura su prenotazione al +39 339 16 76 863 o via e-mail a [email protected]
Il 24, 25, 31 e 1 dicembre aperto solo su prenotazione.

Biglietteria dei musei del Comune di Genoni:

  • Biglietto intero: € 3,5
  • Biglietto ridotto: € 2,5
  • Cumulativo per due musei/siti: € 6.00
  • Cumulativo per tre musei/siti: € 8.50
  • Cumulativo per oltre tre musei/siti: € 10.50

Visita la pagina dedicata alla formula di una giornata

To better enjoy the experience and the discovery of the territory, we invite you to spend at least one day on site at local farmhouses or accommodation facilities… MORE INFO





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