Museum access regulations covid 19

Access program to museums and sites


In compliance with the government provisions referred to in art. 8 of the decree-law of 24.12.2021 n.221, with effect from 10 January 2022 and until the end of the state of emergency, access to museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions is allowed only to subjects in possession of the green certifications COVID-19 (so-called “Super Green pass”) issued as a result of:

_ anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination occurred, at the end of the primary vaccination cycle or the administration of the relative booster dose;
_ cured from COVID-19, with simultaneous termination of the prescribed isolation following infection with SARS-CoV-2, arranged in compliance with the criteria established with the circulars of the Ministry of Health;
_ recovered from COVID-19 after administration of the first dose of vaccine or at the end of the primary vaccination course or administration of the relative booster dose.

Individuals under the age of twelve and those exempt from the vaccination campaign on the basis of suitable medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health are excluded from the obligation to exhibit the COVID-19 green certification, in accordance with the provisions of the article 9-bis, paragraph 3, first sentence, of the decree-law n. 52 of 2021.

Furthermore, art. 4 of the same Decree Law establishes, starting from 25.12.2021, the obligation to use respiratory protection devices also in outdoor places and also in the white area, therefore, all visitors must be equipped, at least, with a mask surgical type correctly worn.

Starting from the same date of 25.12.2021 and until the end of the epidemiological emergency from Covid19, in the case of shows or events that take place indoors or outdoors in museums and other cultural institutes and places, it is mandatory to wear FFP2 type masks.

The museums, services and cultural sites of the Municipality of Genoni:

Civic Museum of the Cavallino della Giara
Geosite – Duidduru quarry
Former Convent of the Observant Minor Friars
Guided tour service in the municipal area to sites of interest, eg: Giara Park, nuraghi or other archaeological, geological, paleontological emergencies.

The following scheme for accessing and visiting museums follows:

Visit by reservation only. Reservations can be made either by telephone or via the web using the museums’ websites or social channels.

– Telephone contact: +39 339 16 76 863

– Websites: – ​​ – ​​

Payment can be made on site but visitors are invited to pay online on the sites:
The maximum number of visitors per museum is set at 4 adults and 6 children, where adults can take a guided tour of the museums and children can do educational activities.
– The number of guides per group is fixed at one unit.
– The number of educators per group of children is fixed at one unit.
Children who carry out educational workshops are required to maintain a safe distance following the instructions of the educator.
Guided tours of the outdoor sites at the Geosite – Duidduru Quarry, Giara Park, former Convent of the Minor Observant Friars is limited to a maximum number of 10 people at a time, keeping a safe distance and following the instructions of the guide.
Guided visits to museums have a maximum duration of 45 minutes.
The duration of the outdoor guided tours are evaluated at the time of booking.
The educational workshops have a maximum duration of 2 hours.

Security protocol

  • Body temperature may be detected, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C and required to sign the appropriate privacy document.
    Visitors must always wear a mask.
    The working personnel must always wear a mask to protect the airways when in the presence of dividers and in any case when it is not possible to guarantee an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.
    Hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene are available in all rooms.
    Before accessing the museums and sites, possibly in the outdoor areas, the guides present the safety plan to visitors who undertake to strictly follow the directions given.
    The contact areas between staff and users at the entrance, such as the ticket office, are delimited by adequate physical barriers, such as desks and lines drawn on the floor in order to prevent contagion via droplets.
    In some rooms of the museums there are obligatory routes and positions indicated on the ground to be respected.
    Adequate cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and environments is ensured, with particular attention to those touched more frequently (e.g. handles, switches, handrails, etc.).
    Regular cleaning and disinfection of the toilets is ensured. The cleaning of environments where cultural assets are exposed, preserved or stored, are guaranteed with suitable procedures and products according to the indications given by MiBACT – Opificio delle Pietre Dure – Containment measures for the prevention of coronavirus contagion.
    Regular and frequent air exchange in indoor environments is favored and the air recirculation function is totally excluded for air conditioning systems.
    The PARC storage and cloakroom can only be used for storage by one person at a time.
    The audio guides are regularly disinfected after use.
  • Information supports and museum cards can be provided, on request, in digital format.
    Braille supports are temporarily suspended, visit support is offered exclusively in digital or through museum guides.
    The touch screens can be used, as a support to the visit, exclusively by museum guides.
    The use of VR viewers is temporarily suspended.
    The educational laboratory equipment provided to children is regularly disinfected after use.
    The educational activities of the museum are regulated in the following ways:
    – Two children maximum per table, arranged at both ends.
    – Use of the vibrating engraver and laboratory instrumentation one child at a time, always after disinfection by the operator.
    – The microscopes can be used only after wearing the glasses provided by the museum operator. The glasses are then put away and disinfected by the operators.
    The use of the bathrooms is limited to one person at a time, subject to verification that it is free.



  • Wednesday: 3.30pm – 7pm
  • Thursday: 3.30pm – 7pm
  • Friday: 10am – 13am | 3.30pm – 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 13am | 3.30pm – 7pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 13am | 3.30pm – 7pm


  • Wednesday: 4pm – 8pm
  • Thursday: 4pm – 8pm
  • Friday: 10am – 13am | 4pm – 8pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 13am | 4pm – 8pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 13am | 4pm – 8pm

Monday and Tuesday opening by reservation at +39 339 16 76 863 or by e-mail to [email protected]
On 24th, 25th, 31st and 1st December open only on reservation.

Ticket office of the museums of the Municipality of Genoni

  • Full ticket: € 3.5
  • Reduced ticket: € 2.5
  • Cumulative for two museums / sites: € 6.00
  • Cumulative for three museums / sites: € 8.50
  • Cumulative for over three museums / sites: € 10.50


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