he workshop aims to discover the technique used by the Nuragic populations to build the bronze statues. The short theoretical part on the Nuragic populations is presented in the archaeological section of the P.AR.C ..
Soon after, the theory turns into practice. You go to the large laboratory where you create a copy of a figurine with suitable materials.

Educational workshop activities

All didactic activities of the laboratory foresee a theoretical moment and a related practical activity.

The archeology educational workshop begins in the archaeological section of the PARC, where the children follow a brief presentation on the archaeological area of ​​Santu Antine with an in-depth study of the nuragic well. Thanks to a touch screen it is possible to simulate a visit to the deepest nuragic well of Sardinia of over 40m. Through the viewers it is possible to fly over the hill and see the ancient Nuragic, Punic and later Roman settlement from above.

Archaeological excavation simulation at PARC

Manual activity and simulation of archaeological excavation

Practical activities take place in the large laboratory of the Museum. First the reconstruction of the well and the timeline and then the reconstruction of the plastic bronzes.

Visit to the the archaelogic site

For the more athletic it is possible after a short walk, about 500m, to reach the top of the hill. In addition to seeing where the nuragic well and the nuraghe of Santu Antine is located, you can admire a breathtaking view. The view extends until it reaches the Gulf of Oristano on one side and the mountains of Gennargentu on the other.

ArcheoLab time schedule

  • Archeology lesson on the well and ex voto
  • Historical time scale
  • Games to memorize scientific terms
  • Creation of small plastic ex-votos to take home
  • Visit to the archaeological site
Visors to simulate the visit to the Nuragic well of Santu Antine

How to end the day?

For the afternoon, immediately after a packed lunch or in a farmhouse, we suggest a pleasant guided walk to the Giara Park in search of the ponies and to discover the park’s biodiversity.

How to book a workshop

Usually, during school trips an entire museum is dedicated to the activities of a single school. Since there are not many dates available, we recommend booking the day well in advance for your school.

Reservations are recorded both by e-mail and by telephone. In addition, you can always receive the catalog for schools updated with all the proposals, costs and scheduled activities by sending the request via e-mail.

Riepilogo costi laboratori didattici

Mezza giornata

8Circa 3,5 h
  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Mattina o pomeriggio

Giornata intera

  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo in agriturismo

12Circa 2,5 h
  • Include due siti/musei a scelta
  • Escluso la passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo al sacco

5A partire da
  • Pizza al taglio/Hamburger – frutta e acqua
  • Panino imbottito – frutta e acqua

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