The waste management is a problem on the agenda in every part of the world. It is absolutely essential to make young people aware of this situation.

Our workshop is a way to come into contact with recycling, with its potential through play and creativity.

Children and young people learn how paper can be recycled, how important it is and above all how simple it is.

The workshops can be carried out in a day but a more articulated path of multiple meetings can also be organized, such as the one carried out with the comprehensive school of Laconi.

By now we are not talking about anything else, separate collection, recycling, energy saving, etc. etc. (Doing separate collection allows us to obtain important results, saving raw materials and consequently precious resources. By limiting as much as possible the quantity of waste to be disposed of in landfills and lowering disposal costs).

How and why to do it can be learned through play.

With the help of the most disparate materials we can create a pleasant speech to understand the reason for the separate collection. The course adapts to different age groups with different levels of difficulty.

Educational workshop activities for the CartaCiclo and Ricicloléolé

The educational workshops on recycling are suitable for both kindergarten children and older children. The educators adapt the educational workshop to the age and education of the children.

Once the paper is shredded and the pulp is created, the children make real recycled paper sheets. Once dry, the sheets become the cover for a little book that children can take home.

The recycling workshop focuses on team play. Children must make the best separate collection in order to win the challenge!

Recycling workshop

Objectives of the activity

  • Sensitize children to environmental problems
  • Bringing students to the autonomous management of the differentiated
  • Strengthen team spirit

Time schedule workshop on recycling

  • Explanation on the origin and recycling of paper
  • Realization of recycled paper sheets
  • Realization of the notebook
  • Games on the differentiated
  • Museo Cavallino della Giara guided tours with the “guess what it is?”
Recycling workshop

How to end the day?

For the afternoon, immediately after the packed lunch or at the farmhouse, we can continue with the activities at the Giara Park or pay a visit to the museums of the town of Genoni:

How to book a workshop

Usually, during school trips an entire museum is dedicated to the activities of a single school. Since there are not many dates available, we recommend booking the day well in advance for your school.

Reservations are recorded both by e-mail and by telephone. In addition, you can always receive the catalog for schools updated with all the proposals, costs and scheduled activities by sending the request via e-mail.

Riepilogo costi laboratori didattici

Mezza giornata

8Circa 3,5 h
  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Mattina o pomeriggio

Giornata intera

  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo in agriturismo

12Circa 2,5 h
  • Include due siti/musei a scelta
  • Escluso la passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo al sacco

5A partire da
  • Pizza al taglio/Hamburger – frutta e acqua
  • Panino imbottito – frutta e acqua

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