We transform the Giara Park into an open-air classroom to become familiar with nature, to recognize environments, landscapes through scents, touch and play. Listen to the voice, the whispers. Know its character, creative power, colors. Learn respect for its value.

These are some of the objectives of the environmental education projects that we propose to schools.

Biodiversity for the little ones
The Giara Park with its countless species and subspecies offers us plenty of material to talk about biodiversity and the importance it constitutes for man and the environment.

The didactic designed for this training course wants the protagonists, through the group and enjoying the game as an experiential training methodology.

Environmental education activities for schools

Environmental education at the Giara Park is an extremely dynamic activity. The treasure hunt with a series of environmental riddles is certainly one of the parts that children like most. Furthermore, a series of riddles and curiosities fix the characteristics of the main species and plants present in the Park in the children’s memory.

Treasure hunt at the Giara Park

Living fossils

Few people know that rare living fossils still live on the Giara plateau: the Lepidurus apus lubbocki Brauer and the Triops cancriformis Schaff, two small crustaceans of the Notostraca order unchanged for over 200 million years.

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Environmental education time schedule

  • Environmental treasure hunt
  • Giara Park guided tour

How to end the day?

For the afternoon, immediately after the packed lunch or at the farmhouse, we can continue with the activities at the Giara Park or pay a visit to the museums of the town of Genoni:

Civico Museo del cavallino della Giara

Giara foals

How to book a workshop

Usually, during school trips an entire museum is dedicated to the activities of a single school. Since there are not many dates available, we recommend booking the day well in advance for your school.

Reservations are recorded both by e-mail and by telephone. In addition, you can always receive the catalog for schools updated with all the proposals, costs and scheduled activities by sending the request via e-mail.

Riepilogo costi laboratori didattici

Mezza giornata

8Circa 3,5 h
  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Mattina o pomeriggio

Giornata intera

  • Include il laboratorio didattico
  • Passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo in agriturismo

12Circa 2,5 h
  • Include due siti/musei a scelta
  • Escluso la passeggiata guidata al Parco della Giara

Pranzo al sacco

5A partire da
  • Pizza al taglio/Hamburger – frutta e acqua
  • Panino imbottito – frutta e acqua

Richiedi  il catalogo con le proposte per le scuole o contattaci per prenotare

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