Proposals to visit the museum for families and children

Plan an educational adventure with your family!

For children and their families there is always something going on at the PARC Museum.

How the day works for families

For children

The appointment, by reservation, is at the PARC. Once the educators are known, the children begin their fossil educational workshop. The laboratory includes a geological and paleontological explanation of Sardinia and the territory of Genoni, later we talk about fossilization and the geological time scale. Once several games have been played to learn the previously explained concepts, the children are ready to simulate the work of the small paleontologist.

The section of the museum dedicated to workshops is equipped with scientific equipment such as microscopes, micro blades and computers. Everything is used safely and with the constant accompaniment of specialized operators.

For parents

The adults, while the children carry out the workshop, visit with the museum guides, the Civic Museum of the Cavallino della Giara and the former convent of the Observant Friars. The first part of the day ends with a visit to the PARC and lunch all together. Lunch can be packed, at one of the picnic spots, such as the garden of the former convent or under the PARC olive trees. If you prefer to have lunch sitting comfortably in a restaurant room, you can book at the Agriturismo Cuaddus e Tellas.

In the afternoon, all together, we conclude the route with a walk in the Giara Park in search of wild horses and stretch our legs in the open air.

The route adapts to your needs and times, usually the start at 10am is the ideal way to complete the whole route in peace.

Activities to combine with the Families at the Museum route

Prices”Families at the museum”

Family + 2 children

  • Educational workshop
  • Guided tour of the museums and the Giara Park

Family + 1 child

  • Educational workshop
  • Guided tour of the museums and the Giara Park

Family + 3 children

  • Educational workshop
  • Guided tour of the museums and the Giara Park




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