Museum PARC mission

Our commitment

P.AR.C.’s commitment lies in the investment of resources and energy in an effort to find opportunities and discourses that will increase the sociability of its territory, presenting both archaeological and palaeontological scientific evidence. In this sense, the museum feels museum education is a resource and a means to establish a dynamic system leading to communication and learning.

The Museum places the value of its operation in a context of cultural return. This return is manifested through active participation in the culture and growth of the area the museum resides in. True to its theme and museum nature, it acts as a centre of social interest, of stimulus for reflection on quality of life, a propulsive centre of targeted training initiatives and continued dialogue on issues of knowledge, identity, diversity and belonging.

The action

The P.AR.C. is open to all citizens without distinction, in order to:

– Contribute to the development of the local community and its territory;

– Participate, within the scope of its competence, to events and civic and cultural development projects of its social context;

– Contribute to a reflection on quality of life that is the result of the increased awareness of the indispensable relationship between historical memory, cultural identity, and science;

– Contribute to the development of culture in general and reading, with special attention to children;

The museum also pays particular attention to the social values ​​of meeting, recovering a correct relationship between consumption, exploitation of resources and skill, the knowledge of history as a guarantee for the realization of perspectives for individual and collective futures.

To achieve these objectives the museum considers:

– The quality of its services and its organization as an ethical, deontological and publicly accountable commitment;

– Its attention to public appearance and participation as a determining aspect of planning and operation;

– The rights of visitors as an essential element of cultural and organizational action;

– Facilitating access to knowledge, communication and information as an expression of the value of the museum as a quality public service;

– Its respect for the environment and the spread of good environmental management practices.

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