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Museum proposals for schools

The P.AR.C. offers an huge list of educational workshops and proposals for educational trips. All educational workshops are adapted to the order and grade of the school. Proposals for school trips can be made in a few hours, one morning or one afternoon, or for a whole day, or even for several days staying overnight on site.

Among the most requested activities we have the PaleoLab, a paleontology and geology laboratory of Sardinia. The ArcheoLab, archeology workshop to discover the mysteries of the nuragic well of Santu Antine. In addition, the museum offers educational activities on recycling and environmental education. One of the new activities is carried out completely at the Giara Park, a fun treasure hunt to get to know, by playing, the unique flora and fauna of the Giara Park.

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Workshop description

The goal of Paleolab is to introduce pupils to palaeontology, stimulating their curiosity with an active and lively approach.

Children and young people learn about the geological history of Sardinia more in depth, particularly the Miocene (23 to 5 million years) and the Genoni region (Duidduru Geopaleosite). They will learn fossil cleaning techniques, thus learning about the importance of palaeontologist work and fossils.

Through games, hammers, glue, chisels and a true micro chisel set, seemingly boring topics become important and fun training.

The workshop aims to unveil the technique used by the Nuragic populations to build the bronze statuettes. The short theoretical part on the nuragic populations is presented in the archaeological section of P.AR.C.

Immediately after, theory becomes practice. We move into the large workshop where a copy of a statue is created with suitable materials.


Waste management is an issue on the agenda all over the world. It is crucial to raise awareness among young people to deal cope with this situation.

Our workshop is a way to come into contact with the recycling, with all its potential through play and creativity.

Children and young people learn how you to recycle paper, how important it is to do it and especially how simple it is.
The workshop can be done in a day but a more complex journey can also be organised, with various meetings like the one carried out with the Laconi secondary school – See the project


There is now little talk about anything else, separate waste collection, recycling, energy saving, etc. (separate waste collections allow us to achieve important results, salvaging raw materials and therefore valuable resources. It limits the amount of waste going to landfill and reduces disposal costs).
How and why it can be learned through play.

With the help of many different materials we can create a pleasant topic to convey why recycling is important. The journey suits different age groups with different levels of difficulty.

The Giara transforms into an open air classroom to familiarise with nature, and learn to recognize environments and landscapes through scents, touch and play. Hear the environment’s voice, its whispers. Get to know its character, its creative power, its colour. Learn to respect its value.

These are some of the objectives of the environmental education projects that we offer to schools.

Biodiversity for the little ones

The Giara, with its numerous species and subspecies, offers us abundant material to talk about biodiversity and how important it is for mankind and the environment.

Kids are designed to be the main players in this course, through groups and using gameplay as a methodology of experiential learning.

Workshop prices

Half day

63,5 h
  • Workshop included

Full day

  • Workshop and museum tour
  • Giara Park hiking too

Lunch in agriturismo

102,5 h
  • Full menù
  • 2 corses

Packet lunch

  • Sandwich or hamburger
  • Fruit and water
Summer Camps
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