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Small Summer Campus Paleontologist and Archaeologist

A learning and fun experience for your children that is unique in Sardinia

Month of June 2023

From 12 to 17 June – Summer Campus of Paleontology and Archeology (1 WEEK) – (FULLY SOLD)
From 19 to 24 June – Summer Campus of Paleontology and Archeology (1 WEEK) – (FULLY SOLD)
From 26 to 28 June – Archeology summer camp (FULLY SOLD)

Month of July 2023 (every week)

From 03 to 05 July – Paleontology summer camp
From 10 to 15 July – Summer Campus of Paleontology and Archeology (1 WEEK) – (FULLY SOLD)
From 17 to 19 July – Archeology summer camp
From 24th to 26th July – Paleontology Summer Campus – (FULLY SOLD)
From 31 July to 02 August – Archeology summer camp

Month of August 2023

From 07 to 12 August – Summer Campus of Paleontology and Archeology (1 WEEK) – (FULLY SOLD)
From 21st to 23rd August – Archeology Summer Campus
From 28 August to 02 September – Paleontology and Archeology Summer Campus (1 WEEK)

Month of September 2023

From 04 to 06 September – Paleontology Summer Campus – (FULLY SOLD)

Ready for Summer Camps? The PARC Museum of Genoni, in the center of Sardinia, at the foot of the Giara Park, when the school closes, is transformed into a real summer training center for small paleontologists and archaeologists.

The summer campuses are supervised by a specialized team of operators which includes, in addition to the educators, an Archaeologist and a Geologist / Paleontologist. The summer camps have a duration of one day, usually on Saturdays, of three or six days with full board. Many years of experience in the museum education sector confirms Giunone Soc Coop as a specialist in museum education and applied scientific education.

The summer campus takes place in the Genoni area, in the various museum structures managed by Giunone Soc Coop, the Giara Park and for overnight stays at the Cuaddus e Tellas farmhouse.

All activities are carried out in maximum safety and in addition to the normal company insurance towards third parties, ad hoc insurance is stipulated for each summer campus and for each date. To this end, it is always necessary to receive the duly completed registration forms.

The age ranges of children who can participate in the Summer Camps

The age ranges of children who can participate range from 7 years to 12 years.

What we do at the Little Paleontologist Summer Campus and at the Little Archaeologist Summer Campus

The educational activities of the summer camps include educational moments in the museum and outdoors. At the PARC museum, thanks to the instrumentation present in the laboratory, experiments are carried out, the simulation of cleaning of fossils and archaeological finds is carried out, fossilization, tectonics, stratigraphy and methods of dating of fossils and archaeological heritage are explained through the game.

Among the facilities of the PARC Museum, to be used during the summer camps we can list:

Vibro-engravers for cleaning fossils
Microchisels for cleaning fossils
Video projector
3d viewers
Sieves, brushes, chisels and hammers to simulate the work of paleontologists and archaeologists
Kit of the little Paleontologist-Archaeologist
Included in the camp is everything you need for campus work and continuing your study and adventure at home.
The tools to carry out the summer campus that are delivered are:
PARC backpack
Documentation of the small Paleontologist

Description of a “typical” day of the Summer Campus:


Wake up around 7.30
Breakfast at the Cuaddus e Tellas Farmhouse
Transfer to the “Cava di Duidduru” geosite for excavation simulation
Activities at the museum: preparation and cleaning of geological samples and analyses
Lunch, the menu changes every day and includes a complete and varied meal following the tastes of the children (lunch is also provided by a licensed local operator)


Moment of relaxation with a documentary or group games
Activities in the laboratory related to the topics covered
19.00 showers and phone calls home


Group games until about 11.30pm
Transfer to the dormitories for the overnight stay. The rooms are equipped with a bathroom and children are accommodated in dormitories with 4/6 beds divided by gender. In the evening, an operator and an operator follow the boys and girls in their preparation for rest.
The two operators rest with the children or in the anteroom so as to be able to manage any lack of sleep or small moments of homesickness.

If the weather permits, you sleep on tents suspended in the museum park.

During the 24 hours the children are always followed by at least two operators.

Learn more about summer camps

Three day summer camps
The three-day summer camps begin on Monday morning at 9 and end on Wednesday at 17. The campuses are confirmed with a minimum number of 8 children.

Cost summary of the one-day Summer Campus

The cost of the one-day camp is €45 per child and includes:

  • Lunch
  • snacks 2
  • small archaeologist/ paleontologist kit
  • subscription fee
  • insurance

The cost of the three-day campus is €260 per child (€250 each for double enrollment in the same family, e.g.: brothers/sisters, second consecutive year) and includes:

  • 3 lunches (can be packed)
  • 6 snacks
  • 2 dinners
  • 2 nights
  • small archaeologist/paleontologist kit
  • continuous presence of educators/operators
  • subscription fee
  • insurance

The cost of the six-day camp is €510 per child (€500 each for double enrollment in the same family, e.g.: brothers/sisters, second consecutive year) and includes:

  • 6 lunches (can be packed)
  • 12 snacks
  • 5 dinners
  • 5 nights
  • small archaeologist and paleontologist kit
  • continuous presence of educators/operators
  • subscription fee
  • insurance

How to book Summer Camps

To book the campus you can contact us by phone on +339 16 76 863, also via WhatsApp, or by e-mail: [email protected].
This is followed by the sending of the registration forms and the documents necessary to complete the procedure.

The Summer Campus is confirmed upon reaching 8 enrolled children.

The maximum number for each one-day campus is 15/20 children, for three-day campuses it is 10/12.

The reservation is complete when confirmation is sent by the campus organizers. In the event of an excessive number of requests, the group is created on the basis of the order of arrival of the complete requests accompanied by all the required documents.
Usually the operators on the phone update you on the number of enrollments for each campus and, together with the parents and the campus organization, look for the best date and group for the child.

Together with the registration forms, the list of essential things to bring and those not recommended is sent.
In addition, any allergies or precautions to be followed for each child are required.

During the camp several photos are taken both in group and individually. The images tell the children’s experience and the main moments of the activity and above all: the delivery of the Little Paleontologist or Archaeologist diploma. To this end, the release for the images is requested. The images are sent to all students at the end of the course in separate folders. If you prefer not to sign the release form, the children’s faces are obscured in group photos.

We guarantee maximum availability and professionalism to create the best experience for your children.

Costi Campus Estivi piccolo Paleontologo e Archeologo

Campo 6 giornate

5106 giorni 5 notti
  • Campo di
  • Archeologia e Paleontologia

Campo 3 giornate

2603 giorni 2 notti
  • A scelta tra
  • Archeologia
  • Paleontologia

Campo 1 giornata

451 giorno
  • A scelta tra
  • Archeologia
  • Paleontologia

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