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Small Summer Campus Paleontologist and Archaeologist

A unique study and fun experience for your children in Sardinia

Mese di giugno 2020

  • Dal 08 al 10/06/2020 – Campo estivo di Paleontologia;
  • Dal 15 al 17/06/2020 – Campo estivo di Archeologia;
  • Dal 29/06 al 01/07/2020 – Campo estivo di Paleontologia;

Mese di luglio 2020 (ogni settimana)

  • Dal 06 al 08/07/2020 – Campus estivo di Archeologia;
  • Dal 20 al 22/07/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia;
  • Dal 27 al 29/07/2020 – Campus estivo di Archeologia;

Mese di agosto 2020 (ogni settimana)

  • Dal 03 al 05/08/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia;
  • Dal 10 al 12/08/2020 – Campus estivo di Archeologia;
  • Dal 17 al 19/08/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia;
  • Dal 31/08 al 02/09/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia;

Calendario campi di una settimana

  • Dal 22 al 27/06/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia e Archeologia (1 SETTIMANA);
  • Dal 13 al 18/07/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia e Archeologia (1 SETTIMANA);
  • Dal 24/08 al 29/10/2020 – Campus estivo di Paleontologia e Archeologia (1 SETTIMANA);

Fossils and rocks bear witness to Sardinia being one of the oldest lands in Europe. A whole army of researchers needs to be trained to shed light on our past.

The little palaeontologist camp, lasting one or three days, is the perfect study holiday for young science, fossils and palaeontology enthusiasts, who want to further their passion.

The young researchers, with their little palaeontologist kit, follow a play-based learning journey, doing field work under the guidance of a real palaeontologist and specialist teaching operators.

The Camp is held in the territory of Genoni, in its various museums and the local sites.

At PARC they will find out about geological ages, learn how to prepare a fossil, and practice with geological samples. At GeoPaleoSito, known as Cava Duidduru, they will see a real fossilized sea bed and discover the many animals that lived in Miocene Sardinia. The Giara is an ideal setting to talk about volcanic eruptions, take pleasant walks and admire rare plants and animals such as the Giara horse.

Overnight stay and meals made with local produce is provided by Holiday and teaching farm Cuaddus e Tellas in Genoni.

Three-day summer camps
The three-day summer camps begin on Monday morning at 9 am and end on Wednesday at 5 pm. Campuses are confirmed with a minimum number of 8 children.

Summary of one-day summer Campus costs
The cost of the one-day camp is € 30 per child and includes:

  • Lunch
  • snacks 2
  • small archaeologist / paleontologist kit

The cost of the three-day campus is € 185 per child (€ 180 each for double registration for the same family, e.g. brothers / sisters) and includes:

  • 3 lunch (can be packed)
  • 6 snacks
  • 2 dinners
  • 2 overnight stays
  • small archaeologist / paleontologist kit
  • Continuous presence of educators / operators

The cost of the six-day camp is € 375 per child (€ 370 each for double registration for the same family, e.g. brothers / sisters) and includes:

  • 6 lunch (can be packed)
  • 12 snacks
  • 5 dinners
  • 5 overnights
  • kit small archaeologist and paleontologist
  • Continuous presence of educators / operators

How to book the summer campus

To book the campus you can contact us by phone at +339 16 76 863, also via WhatsApp, or by e-mail: [email protected]
Following is the sending of the registration forms and documents necessary to complete the procedure.

The Campus is confirmed upon reaching 8 enrolled children.

The maximum number for each one-day campus is 15/20 children, for the three-day campuses it is 10/12.
The reservation is completed when the confirmation is sent by the campus organizers. In the event of an excessive number of requests, the group is created based on the order of arrival of the complete requests accompanied by all the required documents.
Usually the operators on the phone update you on the number of enrollments for each campus and, together, parents and organization of the campus, look for the best date and group for the child.

Together with the registration forms, the list of essential things to bring and those not recommended is sent.
In addition, any allergies or precautions to be followed for each child are required.

During the camp several photos are taken both in groups and individually. The images tell the story of the children and the main moments of the activity and above all: the delivery of the diploma of Little Paleontologist or Archaeologist. For this purpose, the release for images is requested. The images are sent to all enrolled students at the end of the course in separate folders. If you prefer not to sign the release form, the children’s faces are obscured in the group photos.

Visit the photo gallery with photos of the summer camps of past years!

We guarantee maximum availability and professionalism to create the best experience for your children.

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Costi Campus Estivi piccolo Paleontologo e Archeologo

Campo 6 giornate

5006 giorni 5 notti
  • Campo di
  • Archeologia e Paleontologia

Campo 3 giornate

2503 giorni 2 notti
  • A scelta tra
  • Archeologia
  • Paleontologia

Campo 1 giornata

401 giorno
  • A scelta tra
  • Archeologia
  • Paleontologia

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